Garnet Removal &
Extraction System

XR-2500 Garnet Extractor

Garnet Extractors

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The Extractor is not an accessory, it's a NECESSITY

The Garnet Extractor: An Abrasive Extraction Innovation

The Garnet Extractor will:
• Save $1000's every year in wages, downtime and disposal costs.
• Improve employees' safety by not having to shovel and lift heavy containers of wet garnet weighing hundreds of pounds.

The Garnet Extractor features:
• Does not need expensive electrical or plumbing devices
• 20 minutes to install
• Approximately 30 minutes to pre-charge
• Just a simple air hose connection is required for operation

• The XR2500 holds 2,500 pounds of garnet
• The XR1500 holds 1,500 pounds of garnet

Note: Check Forklift Capacity
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Abrasive Removal System works with:
• Flow Waterjet Cutting Tool Systems
• Jet Edge Waterjet Cutting Tool Systems
• Omax Waterjet Cutting Tool Systems
• Techni Waterjet Cutting Tool Systems
• Oil & Wastewater Sludge Removal
• Sandblast Abrasives
• Water & Oil Separation

The Xtractor products/services:
• Waterjet Abrasive Removal System
• Water Jet Abrasive Removal System
• Waterjet Garnet Extraction System
• Water Jet Garnet Extraction System
• Waterjet Garnet Extractor
• Water Jet Garnet Extractor
• Waterjet Garnet Removal System
• Water Jet Garnet Removal System
• Industrial Filtration Products & Systems
• Ebbco Filters
• Industrial Metalworking Equipment
• Industrial Stone Working Equipment
• Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Systems

When the Garnet Extractor is full of garnet, simply use the forklift sleeves to carry The Extractor to the disposal area, lower the drop door and the dry garnet falls out! No Mess!

The Garnet Extraction System Video